Creating an instance of a specified program (OLE)


Create an instance of a specified program


create object (ole_id | filename)

Creates an instance of the specified program and returns a program interface reference.

The ole_id argument takes the same values as the ole_id = clause in an OLE control.

The ole_id may also be a filename or a composite name (e.g. referencing several cells in an Excel spreadsheet).

The returned reference can be used to access the program’s properties, verbs and methods, exactly as if it were an OLE control. To reference a property, use the extended property syntax described under Modifying or retrieving OLE control properties at run time. The standard Sculptor property syntax cannot be used because the object is not a normal +|–ole control.

The reference may also be stored in a temporary field with the special type o (object). Assign NULL to the temp to delete the reference.

Note: Since Sculptor version 6.1.1 OLE objects created using this function are supported in nph-srep, sage(c) and srep(c). OLE controls are not supported in windows definitions in these versions though.


prog_ref = create_object("Microsoft.XMLDOM")


Object (o) type fields