Button group property clauses

Clauses are available within the button group declaration to define certain properties for buttons in the group. The remaining clauses consist of the button definitions themselves, which contain clauses of their own. Most clauses appear at button level, rather than at group level, because the properties they define are applicable to individual buttons rather than to the group as a whole.

Button group clauses, which appear within the group declaration, define default values for the group. The clauses are listed, each on a separate line, within the braces of the button group definition. Any of these clauses may be redefined for individual buttons in the group, overriding the group default.

The available button group clauses are:

label_bgc = rgb_value
label_fgc = rgb_value
Label background colour.
Label foreground colour.

See Button label. Default: the parent window’s label colour values.

transparent = rgb_value

Transparent colour.

palette = integer

Palette number. Default: the window palette.

style = flags

Style flags. Default: no style flags set.

field = field_id

Button linked field. Multi buttons only.

options = flags

Button options.



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