Storing field value when input interrupted by function key (sys.InputBuf)ΒΆ


Value of field before function key pressed

The on local and on global commands are used to configure a function key to call a subroutine or function when pressed while the program is awaiting input from a dialog or input command. If the contents of the textbox with focus have been changed, the new value is not stored in the linked field before the subroutine or function is called. The data in the textbox at the moment the function key is pressed is stored in sys.InputBuf. It may not be updated.

If the event EV_CHANGE is enabled for a textbox, sys.InputBuf is updated before the event function is called.

If the textbox is multi-row, then when text is saved in sys.InputBuf the current row number is saved in sys.InputRow. If the textbox is free format textbox the sys.FreeTextInputBuf is used instead.



Textbox events and functions