Drawing operationsΒΆ

Drawing operations - the Sculptor interface to Windows GDI API

Sculptor provides a set of draw functions, which are used to draw figures, images, text and icons, providing an interface to the Windows GDI (Graphics Device Interface) API. Thus, any Sculptor program can achieve these effects in the same way as a typical Windows application, both in a window and in a printed report.

A common use of the Windows GDI on a printer is to draw a pre-defined form without the need to use pre-printed paper. See Using draw functions in reports.

In order that draw functions can be easily mixed with Sculptor print[h] commands in reports, the getprintxy() and setprintxy() functions are provided to retrieve and set the current print position.

IMPORTANT: All draw operations performed in a window must be enclosed within the BeginPaint() and EndPaint() functions.

GDI is basically a static display system, with only limited support for animation. It provides no direct support for three-dimensional representations, or for rotations of objects. For example, the axes of an ellipse must be parallel to the horizontal and vertical co-ordinates.